Ball program

Are you preparing prom or formal ball and you don't know how to enrich? Magician Ondřej Soukup, stage name MAGIC Soukup will take care of the entertainment at your prom and create literally a magic atmosphere.

Magic show on the ball

During the show, the illusionist Ondřej cooperates with his team of assistants to show the viewers dangerous escapes, levitation, disappearance or discovery of a person. During the show one of the graduates is confessed to levitate with the table together with magician Ondřej. At the end of the program there is a solo program where Ondřej lets discover and disappear live doves.

An original experience for your guests 

The appearance of VIP-persons

Great and original effect at the beginning of the prom, which I'm sure no one forget. MAGIC Soukup, in collaboration with selected students or with the whole class, lets discover your class teacher, the director of the school, graduate, who will read the speech, or the moderator of the ball. For the discovery is needed just a short training (max. 15 min.) before the dance, and the signing of a confidentiality agreement.