Carnival program

Are you thinking and looking for a program for children's carnival that will attract and entertain children all the time? With the magician Ondřej will take care of your carnival. Not only that he prepares an entertaining and interactive animation program for children, he also takes care of your carnival technically (sound, lighting, decor, moderation and other necessary services that are needed at the carnival).

Animation program

Thematically modified program, games and competitions incl. moderation and rewards for the children for participation in competitions. 

Own technical equipment

We will sound and illuminating your event with a professional equipment.

Professionalism and reliability

What we agree on applies in all circumstances

Animation program for your event

Children together to experience a lot of fun from the adventurous journey, where they are prepared for them a common game, and the competition will not miss even a children's disco with animators incl. the large bubbles and at the conclusion of the carnival is a surprise in the form of a magic show performed by magician MAGIC Soukup.

Implemented animation shows

  • The main program for the season 2020 coming soon!
  • The wild west (the Main program for the season 2019).
  • Carnival on the waves (the Main program for the season 2018).
  • Around the world (the Main program for the season 2017).
  • And lots of other... 

What you get from us?

  • Animation program for children for 2-3 hours tuned to the designated theme.
  • Themed decor and backdrops.
  • Sound system own system Yamaha incl. lighting of the scene.
  • Professional powerful bubble machine incl. refills for the whole carnival.
  • Moderation and announcement of the best masks.
  • The accompanying programme, incl. a magic show.
  • Ensure competitive sites and workshops.
  • Rewards for all the children for their participation in competitions.
  • Possibility of processing of graphic materials for the printing of the poster.
  • A freely available small photoreport from your carnival for free.