Birthday Party Program

Birthday is an important day for children in which they want to have fun, and we have experience with dozens of birthday celebrations. Let the celebration of your child on us and enjoy a little free time that you can devote to your relatives and friends. The most valuable gift for a child is joy, fun and experience, which he won't forget!

Magical Birthday full of fun

The birthday person and all his friends, including their parents, are engaged in magic all the time (interactive magic). He will conjure up a living rabbit from a hat or a pigeon, and together with a magician he also participates in other spells. Every child who helps the magician gets as a reward and for memory the decree ''The Magician's Helper''.

For the birthday person is ready a gift, in the form of a few simple spells together with instructions. The Program is topped by a favorite shapping animals from the balloons.

An unforgettable birthday experience

Wondering what else to enrich the celebration? You don't have to! The magic workshop will take care of non-traditional entertainment not only for children and meaningful leisure time.

Workshop - Magic School

The Magic Workshop is a suitable addition to the interactive magic show for children, but also as a standalone program. The magician Ondřej will prepare a magic school at your event, in which he teaches children a few simple spells, and together they will create some magic props, which children can take home and show their parents and friends.

 Individual course for birthday

If your child likes spells and has got a magic set at home that he or she doesn't know how to work with or he or she is a complete beginner, in an individual course dedicated only to birthday parties, your child will become a true magician. In addition to the intensive course, he gets a large wizard set with selected spells, recommended by the magician Ondřej and the decree ''Beginning Magician''.