Programme for kindergarten and elementary school 

Whether you are looking for an interesting program for children on children's Day, farewell with preschoolers or christmas pageant, you can count on magician Ondřej, who interactively engage to show small the pupils even teachers and parents.

Traditional performances full of magic 

Interactive magic show under the guidance of the magician MAGIC Soukup sure to deliver all the pupils and teaching staff. In a fun way and interactive involvement immerses all children and teachers into the world of magic and illusion. Children can enjoy the favorite rabbit out of a hat or travel the pizza and the shaping balloon animals.

For all those interested from the ranks of the children and the teaching staff, has Andrew after the show ready signature card with an autograph, which will become a beautiful monument to his show in your school.

An unforgettable experience

Have you and the school been in the theater for a magic show?

Magic performance in the theater

In cooperation with the Na Cikorce Theater in Prague, we have prepared a special performance for schools that can only be seen in the theater. In the one-hour performance, students and teachers can look forward to many incredible spells with live doves, great illusions with assistants, or interactive engagement.

Lecture with a magician

For the second stage of elementary school, I offer a lecture and discussion on the topic of work as a magician.