Special show at your event.

A presentation that adapts to your needs and wishes. Do you need to include your corporate identity in the magic show? Color, logo or some details? Thanks to his own team, Ondřej can produce props and illusions according to the specified criteria.

illusion on key

Complete the compilation of a new show, according to specified requirements, conditions and wishes.

Discovering a VIP person

At your event, we discover a moderator, business owner or hostess with a new product.

Product or logo appearance

How unconventional can be revealing a new product or logo in the hands of a magician.

Cooperation with a magician

Do you need help with shooting an advertisement, film or taking pictures in the studio or exterior? Magician Ondřej will gladly help you and lend the magic props and your personality during the filming.


Real magical props and scenery that you do not normally get in your studios can be rented incl. expert consultations and advice on spells.


Magic Props or white doves, which is often searched by photographers when photographing calendars and promo photos, can be borrowed incl. technical consultations.