Wedding program

Do you want to relive your memorable day magically and have it full of fun? Magician Ondřej Soukup, stage name MAGIC Soukup, put a smile on the face of you and all the wedding guests. He will take care of it, he will make from your wedding an unforgettable experience for all involved. Magic show is suitable to fill free time when shooting of the newlyweds, to the common lunch or during free fun, when it is needed the guests entertained.

Wedding program - the Magic wedding 

Original and unique wedding program full of magic, illusion and entertainment. The Program is suitable for both adults and a children. The performance involving the bride and groom and all the wedding guests. Together with the magician MAGIC Soukup conjure up a white dove which is a symbol of love and should not miss out on any wedding. During the magic show there is selected a few assistants from the ranks wedding guests to assist in spells.

Do you need your wedding guests entertained?

Clouse up magic 

Clouse up magic or '' TABLE HOPPING '' is one of the most wanted adult programs. This is a magic program in the immediate vicinity of the audience, usually at the table. With swift fingers, the magician Ondřej will show you incredible spells with cards, coins, mobile phone and much more right in front of your eyes. 

Bachelorette party

Ondřej takes care of entertainment for your bachelor party, in the form of fun spells, which involve not only the prospective bride or groom, but also all the guests. The program is completely different from the program the Magic wedding, therefore, you can feel free to order Ondřej as entertainer for the bachelorette party even for the wedding.